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Placenta Extract

Stay young with Fresh Human Placenta Extract

Fresh Human Placenta Extract is a human placenta extract that brings together many essential enzymes and substances necessary for the body. It is effective for use in various solutions for dark skin, blemishes, acne, keloid scars and wrinkles due to human placental extracts. There is a dose of FGF ( fibroblast growth factor ) and EGF (Epithelium Growth Factor), in which cells in the dermis stimulate collagen production. Elastin and hyaluronic acid, which will help restore and repair the skin for healthier health, as human placental extract stimulates fibroblast to the skin, which will make the skin bright, soft, smooth and elastic like a child's skin.


In addition, human placental extract inhibits the enzyme tyrosinase, which is an important variable in the conversion of tyrosine to DOPA (3,4-dihydroxyphenylalanine), which DOPA undergoes several processes to transform into a melanin pigment. By restoring and repairing the skin that is spotted with dark spots due to inflammation to return to whiter and whiter.


The use of placental stem cells for health benefits It contains more peptides. 8,000 species/ 1,400 enzymes that are compatible with one's body Therefore, it is easily absorbed by the body. As a result, the different cells of the body work at maximum efficiency.


1. Anti-Aging

  • Humans, after the age of 40, the skin begins to show signs of aging, which by using Placenta or placenta extract stimulates the hormonal glands in the body to work. Repaired skin cells (Fibroblast) produce collagen and elastin proteins, making the skin firm. Remove wrinkles Look younger, not less than 5 years old.

2. Women of golden age

  • Placenta has a positive effect on menopause or menopause conditions and relieves women's specific diseases such as menstrual pain. There wasn't enough milk to feed the baby, but it was the coldness of women's time. The absence of feelings of restraint. The tissue state looks like the lining of the uterus but not in the uterus by going to the wrong place outside the uterine cavity. Using Placenta eliminates the need for hormone replacement therapy in women of golden age, thus reducing the risk of developing cancer from the use of women's hormones.

3. Men's Golden Age

  • Like women, women around the age of 50 have menopause called menopause, while men have similar symptoms and characteristics, we call Andropause, usually in their 60s, with little irritability, non-erect penis, easy tantrums, insomnia. Muscle wilt and forgetfulness, Placenta will help restore masculinity or erectile dysfunction with older age to return to youth for about 10 years, finding that it will restore hormonal balance. It causes power, genital strength, erection, increases sexual desire. In addition, an enlarged prostate is often associated with hormonal imbalances. This causes the prostate to grow larger than normal without the body's control. The use of treatment by Placenta is therefore very important.

4. Solve the problem of dark spots, blemishes, acne, keloid scars and wrinkles

  • Because placenta extract stimulates the production of FGF ( Fibroblast growth factor ) and EGF ( Epithelium growth factor ) in large numbers, in which the cells in the dermis layer stimulate the production of collagen elastin and hyaluronic acid, which will help restore and repair damaged skin to look bright, youthful, as well as inhibit tyrosinase. That's the melanin pigment that causes freckles, so PGF injections help reverse the skin's age.

5. Making parts of the body receive blood.

  • Added nutrients and oxygen, bringing strength back to normal. Even with age and deteriorating health. As the blood flow improves, the skin becomes brighter and has a warm cough only in 3 days, and the skin becomes tighter. Wrinkles will fade in 4 weeks as a result of blood vessels becoming more elastic. Normalizes the condition of coagulation of the arterial tube due to aging. And it restores the deteriorating venous circulatory system. When there is more blood circulating to the brain. Loud noises in the ears disappear, unilateral headaches, migrame pain subside, reduce vertigo, and also benefit diabetics with complications.

6. Prevention and treatment of various degenerative diseases

  • Such as osteoarthritis of the knee, hip and back joints, etc.

7. Adjust the immune system

  • At present, emerging diseases are often intertwined with the immune system, but Placenta has the property of balancing immunity. Many diseases later became known to be caused by autoimmune diseases, i.e., their immune systems turned to attacking themselves instead of suppressing intruders, such as rheumatoid arthritis. Lupus (bushy bush disease) Diseases that cause only low immunity, such as herpes, tuberculosis, conditions caused by the use of steroids, etc.

Expected results

  1. Improved stamina Tiredness is gone. Skin tone brightens Smooth, smooth skin
  2. Sleep improves. The vitality is restored. Dry, withered skin becomes softer, more moisturized and looks radiant.
  3. Sleep improves and wakes up, not exhaustion. Improved digestive system. Fine skin radiates brighter and softer throughout the body. Looks prettier
  4. Sleep is normal, stamina is good, sexual performance improves, black spots on the face gradually fade, wrinkles, crow's feet fade.
  5. Improved memory The skin is finer, softer and more flexible.
  6. The immune system is good, as well as looking young and returning to youth. The body is in a healthy state in every way.
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