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REJURAN® รีจูรัน

REJURAN® is a "New Concept Healer" made of polynucleotides (PN), which are DNA fragments of specific size derived from wild salmon.

REJURAN® makes your skin young and healthy naturally by delivering the highly bio-compatible polynucleotides directly into the skin.


Excellent Recovering Effect

REJURAN® activates the self-regerative ability of the skin and improves the appearance of various skin concerns such as wrinkles, scars, large pores, redness and pigmentation, etc.

Improvement of Skin Elasticity and Fine Wrinkles

REJURAN® promotes the secretion of collage and restores Extra Cellular Matrix to recover thin and damaged skin inside caused by aging, while simultaneously improving skin elasticity and reducing the appearance of wrinkles.

Improvement of Skin Tone and Texture

REJURAN® improves pigmentation and overall brightness of the complexion which is helpful in recovering the tonicity and luminosity of smoother skin texture.

Proven Safety

REJURAN® is composed of high biocompatible DNA fragment with no adverse reaction.

Natural Skin Beauty Effects

REJURAN® gives you the natural skin beauty effects resulting from increasing skin elasticity and hydration from deep inside of the skin.



REJURAN® is a medical device made from
purified polynucleotides (PN).


PN (Polynucleotide) 

  • DNA fragments extracted from wild salmon managed by the company's patent technology, DOT™
  • Clear, colorless viscous solution
  • Slowly degrading while maintaining uniform structure in tissue

  • Proven to be the most compatible to human skin without causing any adverse effects
  • Stimulating skin's own reparative and restorative capabilities
  • Skin elasticity improvement by recovering the biological condition of the dermis and epidermis

Not Too Much, Not Too Little

REJURAN® is the safest aesthetic procedure that functions by improving the skin's own regenerating capabilities


Not Too Much

Not Too Little

Just Right.


• REJURAN® is manufactured in world class production facilities, certified with KGMP (Korea Good Manufacturing Practice), ISO13485 and etc.
• REJURAN® is terminally moist-heat sterilized product.
• REJURAN® has own patent technology of extraction, purification and distillation for the active ingredient, PN [Patent No. 10-1476381].

REJURAN® offers 4 different products to meet your specific needs


Who is Suitable
for This Treatment?

Skin Healer for Full Face, Eye Wrinkles and Sunken Scars!

  • Those who desire for a natural and healthy skin

  • Those who desire to have freshen and tighten facial skin

  • Those who look for an overall improvement in the skin condition

  • Those who have fine wrinkles on their face

  • Those who have sensitive and thin skin

  • Those who do not want Filler or Toxin anymore

  • Those who want something new

  • Those who experience side effects caused by other treatments

  • Those who wish to achieve age-reversal and youth-regenerating

    effects non-surgically

What are the Benefits of REJURAN® ?

REJURAN® is a very potent and advanced skin rejuvenation treatment that it can help turn back the clock with its cellular repair properties and help you achieve youthful, natural healthy skin.





Clinical Study - REJURAN® Healer

Full Face Rejuvenation

+ Improved hydration
+ Reduced wrinkles and sagging skin
+ Reduced pigmentation



Clinical Study - REJURAN® i

Under-Eye Area Rejuvenation

+ Fine lines and wrinkles around eyes
+ Appearance of eye bags
+ Dark circles and crow's feet




˙A total of 4 REJURAN® treatments in two-week intervals
˙The pore and skin thickness were markedly improved in 30s, whereas
skin tone, melanin, wrinkles, and sagging were noticeably improved in 40s


Clinical Study - REJURAN® s

Scar Treatment

+ Post-operative scars after open total thyroidectomy


The experimental group and control group were randomly assigned to compare the efficacy for 16 weeks

-  Experimental group: fractional laser + REJURAN®s
-  Control group: fractional laser + saline

The Vancouver Scar Scale (VSS), global photographic assessment, and objective scar were assessed using 3D camera at baseline and after surgery

Adjuvant administration of PN along with conventional fractional laser treatment led to more favorable effect in would healing and post-operative scar prevention after thyroidectomy





Q. How frequent is treatment required?
REJURAN® is not like conventional filler or laser treatments.

  • It works by activating the skin's own regenerative ability to restore own collagen structure and increase skin elasticity.
  • This allows your skin to recover with a course of 4 treatments with intervals of 2-3 weeks between sessions, followed by a treatment every six months to nurture a healthy skin condition.


Q. Can I resume my daily routine after the treatment?

  • While there may be some initial slight swelling or papules on the treated areas immediately after the treatment, this will subside within 24 hours and you can go about your day activities as usual.

Q. Which part of the skin will benefit the most from this treatment?

  • For the best results, the treatment should cover your entire face rather than just the eyes area, REJURAN® improves aging and damaged skin.

Q. Does the treatment cause any adverse side effects?

  • Composed of highly bio-compatible DNA fragments, REJURAN® fundamentally restores the skin without any adverse effects. It is also completely safe and effective for those areas that are difficult to treat with hyaluronic acid filler or toxin.

Q. Does frequent aesthetic treatment cause the skin to become thin and sensitive?

  • Not when receiving treatment with REJURAN®. Utilizing the main ingredient PN, it has a dose-dependent effect that will make your skin fully saturate and derive optimal benefits.

Q. What is the effective ways for lowering pain levels?

  • Inject with 27- or 30-gauge needle just beneath the dermis after mixing with the lidocaine.
  • Anti-pain medications can be taken before the treatment.


Q. What is the best method of injecting REJURAN® for the better results?

  • Forehead, Glabella, Around Eyes: Needle
  • Midface, Jawline: Cannula
  • Around lips: Needle

Q. Is the treatment safe if other dermal filler procedures had done previously?

  • This depends on the type of dermal filler or injectable used.
    • It can be done in combination with dermal filler that the immune-related reactions have rarely reported.
    • When combined, make sure to target different layer of the skins.
  • Theoretically, it is safer to perform REJURAN® treatment weeks before other dermal filler or injectable treatment.
  • Patient evaluation is needed before the treatment for those who had other facial injectable in previous. REJURAN® is recommended after 3-6 months follow-up of the previous treatment.
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